Succesful placements

Succesful placements

David Muzik, YAFA Association of independent photographers, Brno Czech Republic went to Young Photographers United in Gent Belgium.
I realised the importance of research for setting up a project. I learnt about the difficulties young  photographers are facing all around the world and therefore about the importance of  organisations that support them. I wanted to find out how these kind of institutions work and if we could arrange possible cooperation. I also learnt that leading an organisation like YPU is not that much different from leading a similar organisation in Czech Republic. Everything is based on enthusiasm and energy of the staff. The work placement was very important to me on both, the professional and personal level.

Mücsarnok/Kunsthalle from Budapest, Hungary hosted Olivia Mihaltianu, cross media projects from Bucharest, Romania.
 It was very constructive to have Olivia here. We talked about our own experience as well and got knowledge about the functioning of some contemporary art institutions in Romania we have not been in contact yet. It is important to have information from the perspective of a young emerging artist. As far it will be possible to visit Bucharest in the near future we are glad that we can rely on Olivia's expertise. We like to update our knowledge of the Romanian art scene. According to our previous experience, these kind of visits are always helpful in developing new exhibition projects.

Maja Rožman, Croatian Artists' Association, Zagreb, Croatia went to SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The SCCA team was very helpful and supportive in providing the best activities for me in order to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible during my stay. Therefore, they were open to expand the activities that we agreed on prior to my arrival.
So far we had contacts with Slovenia based artists, so our collaboration was on a short-term basis. Now that we have contact with SCCA an institution with a large network, we are able to form a long-term plan and programme and establish a collaboration between the institutions which can be helpful and benefit us all.

Nora Dorogan, independent culture manager, Chisinau, Moldova went to Dis.danse Tanz/theatre in Vienna, Austria in 2009.
At the moment my goal is to contribute to the development of the contemporary dance scene in Moldova and during these almost 6 weeks in Vienna I have had the possibility to meet and to discuss with different actors from this field in Austria about the development of the dance scene in Austria, about the nowadays trends, about cultural policy and financing in dance in Austria and other European countries. All this gave input about what should be my next steps here in Chisinau, what kind of projects I should do in the future and also the contacts whom I could invite to Chisinau.

Miroslava Lachka, Cultural Contact Point, Bratislava, Slovakia went to the Caucasus Foundation in Tblisi, Georgia in 2009.
One of my roles was to communicate with organisers of IETM 2009 meeting in Bratislava regarding visa arrangements to Slovakia for a group of Georgian drama professionals. Eventually these people did not get the visa to travel to this meeting. For me personal: I gathered some materials for my doctoral studies, so I would like to include Georgia as a case study of a civil society being moved via culture. Watching the conditions in which some of the theatres and the universities in Georgia work (and some work amazingly well) I realised that it is not so "bad"at home..

Krétakör Alapítvány in Budapest, Hungary hosted Justas Tertelis from Theatre laboratory "Open Circle", Vilnius, Lithuania
The main goals of Justas stay was to follow the Escapologist project in order to be able to present its matter and structure at the time when he arrives to his sending organisation in Vilnius. Because we are planning to complete a second version of this project in Lithuania it was essential for both of us to have someone here, who might follow the whole project work with an active presence and therefore could transfer this knowledge to his own field. We believe, that this experience Justas gained during his placement will strongly contribute to the future implementation of our project in Vilnius.

Gabriella Mora, A38 Budapest Hungary went to Artist Centre Fabryka Trzciny in Cracow, Poland in 2008.
It made me think about new possibilities of my own work and hopefully I'll be able to improve my tasks in our organisation. As I worked closely with the international co-ordinator of Fabryka I realised how important this position is in a cultural venue like ours. In the near future I'd like to go to this direction. In my view this programme gives a great opportunity to people like me. It is really great, so please don't stop.

Andreja Kopac, MASKA Ljubljana, Slovenia went to Bitef Festival in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008.
The Serbian cultural space is really unique, mostly because of its wideness, but also because of the political situation. For this reason I feel a really nice platform to build some new forms of co-operation, because there is a strong tendency from Serbia to get into contact with the European cultural space. Since I had such a strong experience in Belgrade I believe that with some funding there could be established an important linkage i.e. a short festival of Serbian theatre tendencies in Slovenia - and short festival of Slovenian tendencies in Serbia. Or, co-operation of educational exchange, exchanging performances of student theatre. There is a lot of space for co-operation and building bridges - and for this reason Bitef experience was one of the strongest in my life.

List of Successful placements:

1. Samdandamba Badamkhorol, ‘Wonderful Life", Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, hosted by "Three Days and Three Nights of Contemporary Music" Festival, Odessa, Ukraine

2. Iva Biondic, Dance Company ‘Stereo', Zagreb, Croatia, hosted by Festival "Tanec Praha", Prague, Czech Republic

3. Tatjana Bursic, International Youth Theatre Festival ‘MFKM Pula', Croatia, hosted by Theatre Festival of Sibiu, Romania

4. Paulina Celinska, Centre for Contemporary Art ‘Ujazdowski Castle', Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Modern Galerija Ljubliana, Slovenia

5. Cosmin Gheorghe, Theatre Company "Thespis", Timisoara, Romania, hosted by Baltic International Festival Centre, Russia

6. Dmitry Golets, "Another Gallery", Kiev, Ukraine, hosted by Centre for Electronic Media, Estonia

7. Stefan Markov, "Balkan Media", Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by Alfa TV, Budapest, Hungary

8. Claudia Nasilova, Festival "Tanec Praha", Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by MKFM-Pula, Croatia

9. Mihaela Nikolova, Contemporary Art "HO" Sofia, Bulgaria hosted by Producer's Centre "ArtProfi", Moscow, Russia

10. Stanislav Ousatchev, Theatre "FEST", Moscow, Russia, hosted by The Theatre in a Suitcase Festival, Bulgaria

11. Ivan Panteleev, Freelance Theatre Director, Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by New Riga Theatre, Riga, Latvia

12. Kristijan Risteski, Skopje Summer Festival, Macedonia hosted by New European Theatre Festival, Moscow, Russia

13. Sigitas Staniunas Lithuanian National Theatre Academic, Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by International Festival of Visual Arts MediaWave, Budapest, Hungary

14. Agata Stawska, Publisher "PWM Edition", Cracow, Poland, hosted by Interart Festival Centre, Budapest, Hungary

15. Andrea Stulalterova ‘Istropolitana ‘98"project, Bratislava, Slovakia, hosted by International Festival of Contemporary Arts "City of Women", Ljubljana, Slovenia

16. Giedre Subotinaite, Contemporary Dance Group "Fluidus", Kaunas, Lithuania, hosted by Kinetic Theatre, Russia

17. Agnese Treija, Artist's Union of Latvia, Riga, hosted by the Hermit Foundation, Czech Republic

18. Jelena Vujovic, Alternative Theatre Festival (National Theatre Montenegro), Podgorica, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by Mladi Levi Festival, Slovenia

19. Safina Zeynab, Opera Studio (Azerbaijan State Music Academy), Baku, hosted by NGO World Music Association, Sofia, Bulgaria

20. Nika Babaian NAB Artists Management Ltd., Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by Pazaislis Festival, Kaunas Philharmonic Society, Lithuania

21. Vladimir Babkov, Moscow State Philharmonia, Russia, hosted by Bratislava Music Festival, Slovakia

22. Julia Bakjareva, Centre of Modern Arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia, hosted by Balto Scandal Festival, Tallinn, Estonia

23. Ieva Berzina, Latvian State Puppet Theatre, Riga, hosted by IETM Meeting (Archa Theatre), Prague, Czech Republic

24. Bibianna Chimiak, "Theatre of Eleven Dreams", Szczecin, Poland, hosted by Studioul de Arta Contemporana Toaca, Bucharest, Romania

25. Alexandra Chistyakova, Open Museum Association, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, hosted by UNESCO, Chair of Museology and World Heritage, Brno, Czech Republic

26. Vladimir Derek, "Theatar & TD" Zagreb, Croatia, hosted by Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia

27. Zhivko Georgiev, Youth Educational Centre and NGO, Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by PWSFTViT/ National Film, Television and Theatre School, Łódź, Poland

28. Alexander Ivanovski, Theatre Director, Veles, Macedonia, hosted by ARIEL Theatre, Dramafest, Tirgu-Mures, Macedonia

29. Kinga Kelemen, Hungarian Theatre Cluj, Romania, hosted by Maszk Association, Szegad, Hungary

30. Tamara Klicek, Centre for Contemporary Art Experience, Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by EXODUS, Ljubljana, Slovenia

31. Serguei Kolenko, Tver Children's Theatre, Russia, hosted by Fundatia "Democratie Prin Cultura" Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania

32. Jelena Kovacevic, Writer for Theatre Journals, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by The Centre of Studies on Jerzy Grotowski's Work and of Cultural and Theatrical Research, Wroclaw, Poland

33. Petr Kukla, International Festival of Theatre Universities, Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by Formalny Theatre, St. Pertersburg, Russia

34. Ravjir Mandakh-Orgil, Mongolian Mime Theatre, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, hosted by Festival of New East - European Theatre, Bourgas/ Sofia, Bulgaria

35. Khaliunaa Mijiddorj, International Cultural Exchange Society, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, hosted by Linhart Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic

36. Yelena Panasenko, Novosibirsk State Ballet School, Russia, hosted by Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival, Bytom/ Krakow, Poland

37. Reka Panczel, "Tomcsa Sandor" Theatre Company; "Cisky Gergely Hungarian Theatre", Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania, hosted by Maszk Association, Szeged, Hungary

38. Biljana Petrovska Isijanin, Bitola Art Gallery, Macedonia, hosted by Hermit Foundation, Centre for Metamedia, Plasy, Czech Republic

39. Mikhail Pleshachkov, Moldovian Youth Centre, Saransk, Russia, hosted by Baltic University of Dance, Gdansk, Poland

40. Dmitrii Poloznev, State Literary and Memorial Museum Reserve of N.A.Nekrasov, Yaroslavskaja, Russia, hosted by PNP (Museum of Czech Literature), Prague, Czech Republic

41. Sveda Rasulova, Baku Arts and Culture Information Centre, Azerbaijan, hosted by International Cultural Exchange Society, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

42. Laura Rutkute, Vartai Art Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by Knoll Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

43. Tatyana Spasova, Eastern Europe of Dance and Theatre Company, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, hosted by "Studija" Magazine for Visual Arts, Riga, Latvia

44. Apyev Talant, Osh Kyrgyz Drama Theatre, Kyrgyzstan, hosted by Theatre Infrom 2000, Moscow, Russia

45. Svetlana Tchaparina, Togliatty Ethnographical Museum, Togliatti, Russia, hosted by National Ethnographic Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia

46. Peter Toth, Mediawave - International Visual Arts Festival, Gyor, Hungary, hosted by S. Style. Spring Jam 2000 - New World Vibes Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria

47. Baljinnyam Amarsanaa, Bonfils TV and Entertainment Production, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, hosted by Kino Hvezda- Summer Film School, Uherska Hradieste, Czech Republic

48. Marina Avdeeva, Open Museum Association, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, hosted by the Institute for Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

49. Jasminko Balenovic, Milk Puppet Theatre, Pula, Croatia, hosted by Teatr Banialuka - Puppet Theatre , Bielsko-Biala, Poland

50. Györgyi Bodon, MASZK Theatre Association, Veszprem, Hungary, hosted by Cracovia Express Foundation - Hungarian Centre in Cracow, Poland

51. Kyrylo Bulkin, Peretvorennaya Theatre, Kiev, Ukraine, hosted by International Festival Ogledalizacija, Chamber Theatre of Music, Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro

52. Olga Chebotareva Sergey Esenin Museum, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, hosted by Alexander Blok Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

53. Ella Davletshina, Meetings of Siberia Film Association, Novosibirsk, Russia, hosted by People in Need Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic

54. Meri Dodovska, Youth Cultural Association, Bitola, Macedonia, hosted by CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station Tábor), Czech Republic

55. Katarina Dudakova, Association Bratislava in Movement, Slovakia, hosted by 2. Tants Promotion, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, Estonia

56. Diana Dyadkova, Real Theatre Children's Festival, Ekaterinburg, Russia, hosted by Divadelna Nitra International Theatre Festival, Nitra, Slovakia

57. Kristine Fenuka, Latvian Philharmonic Foundation, Riga, Latvia, hosted by Bratislava in Movement Association, Bratislava, Slovenia

58. Vakhtang Ghlonti, Metekhi Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by "OPS!" Productions, Ljubljana, Slovenia

59. Andreea Grecu, DCM Foundation, Bucharest, Romania, hosted by Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria

60. Susanna Harutyunyan, Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists, Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by Bulgarian National Film Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria

61. Agnieszka Jackowiak, Grotowsky Centre, Wroclaw, Poland, hosted by Meyerhold Centre, Moscow, Russia

62. Siyka Kaludova-Lapachka, Bulcanto Opera Association, Varna, Bulgaria, hosted by Stowarziszenie Milośnikóv Muzyki Viva il Canto, Czieszyn, Poland

63. Nadir Kamaladdinov, Resource Centre of Azerbaijan Theatres, Baku, hosted by Stichting Caucasus Foundation, Tbilisi, Georgia

64. Jolanta Kilian, Young Artists Association "Ku Teatrowi", Poznan, Poland, hosted by Association for Contemporary Art (ACA), Minsk, Belarus

65. Michal Kolecek Emil Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic, hosted by Art Workshop Lazareti Dubrovnik, Croatia

66. Ketevan Kordzakhia, TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by Laipa Art Gallery, Valmiera, Latvia

67. Mikhail Krasnobayev, Yakub Kolas Academic Theatre, Vitebsk, Belarus, hosted by Educational Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria

68. Olena Krylova, Les Kurbas Theatre, Lviv, Ukraine, hosted by Theatre "Radu Stanca", Sibiu, Romania

69. Liubov Kuzovnikova, ArtAngar Centre of Contemporary Art, Solovki, Russia, hosted by Centre for Contemporary Art Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

70. Kristian Lukic, New Media Centre, Sombor, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by Net.culture klub MAMA, Zagreb, Croatia

71. Valentina Milajeva, Yasnaya Polyana Gallery, Tula, Russia, hosted by Zachęta - State Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

72. Tanja Miletić-Oručević, Centre for Drama Education, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina, hosted by Raganiuke Teatras, Vilnius, Lithuania

73. Arman Padaryan, CADENCE Music Centre, Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by Public Institution Pažaialis Music Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania

74. Gabor Pinter, Trafo House of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary, hosted by Cracovia Express Foundation - Hungarian Centre in Cracow, Poland

75. Anna Rozenvalde, International Film Forum Festival, Riga, Latvia, hosted by Ljubljana International Film Festival, Slovenia

76. Mytkola Shkaraban, Nascentes Theatre Laboratory, Kiev, Ukraine, hosted by Bunker Productions, Ljubljana, Slovenia

77. Yevgenij Shkaruba, ArtAngar Centre of Contemporary Art, Solovki, Russia, hosted by KUD MREŽA, Ljubljana, Slovenia

78. Zinaida Starodoubtseva, Orel Museum of Visual Arts, Russia, hosted by the National Gallery, Tirana, Albania

79. Biljana Tanurovska, Performing Arts Centre Multimedia, Skopje, Macedonia, hosted by the Linhart Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic

80. Daniela Ursu, Piatra Neamt Theatre Festival, Romania, hosted by BITEF International Festival, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

81. Violeta Vojvodic, New Media Research Group Urtica, Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by C 3: Centre for Culture and Communication, Budapest, Hungary

82. Ljubov Voronina, Togliatty Cultural Centre, Togliatty, Russia, hosted by Punctum for Art Experiment, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

83. Neilya Yarmoukhamedova, Cultural Initiative Theatre Foundation, Almaty, Kazachstan, hosted by Theatre in a Suitcase Independent Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria

84. Olga Zhuravleva, Arts, Culture and Science Foundation, Kiev, Ukraine, hosted by Zagreb Soloists, Zagreb, Croatia

85. Nino Arveladze, Stichting Caucasus Foundation, Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, Netherlands

86. Gurur Ertem, CATI Dance Studio, Mimar Sinan University, Ste Conservatory of Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey, hosted by Tanzquartier-Wien GmbH, Vienna, Austria

87. Evelina Gospodinova, Dune Dance Company, Bourgas, Bulgaria, hosted by Cultural Foundation "Proiect DCM", International Dance Festival, Bucharest, Romania

88. Vera GotsevaNational Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by International Puppet Festival, Dordrecht, Netherlands

89. Milan Govedarica, NADA Project National Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, UK

90. Romir Jakupi, Production Manager, Skopje, Macedonia, hosted by Archa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic

91. Yasen Kazandjiev, Lot Lorien/ Ethno&Art Club, Varna, Bulgaria, hosted by Gallus J. Carniolus Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

92. Kinga Kelemen, Babes- Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania, hosted by John Caird Company, London, UK

93. Faruk Loncarevic, Blind Man Theatre, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, hosted by TRANZIT, NGO Agency for Support of Cultural Initiatives, Kaliningrad, Russia

94. Rayna Moneva, Destination Bulgaria Foundation / Art Hostel, Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by The Albany - Community Arts Centre, London, UK

95. Dragos Olea, add - business chance on art, Bucharest, Romania, hosted by Arts & Business, London, UK

96. Jelena Stanovnik, Art for Social Change Programme MMArt, Podgorica, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by Mains d'Œuvres, Paris, France

97. Jelena Stojanovic, REX, Cultural Centre B92 BITEF, Belgrade International Theatre Festival, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by Audiences London Theatre, London, UK

98. Rarita Szakats, AltArt Foundation, Cluj, Romania, hosted by Blast Theory, London, UK

99. Dobrinka Valkova, Drama Department New Bulgarian University; Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by Planet Sound Community Arts, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

100. Milan Vracar, Kulturanova, Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by Mains d'Œuvres, Paris, France

101. Robert Alagjozovski, "Decentralized Culture", Cultural Center Tocka, Skopje, Macedonia hosted by Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

102. Natalia Arbuzova, International Cultural Programming, Department of International Relations, Nishny Novgorod, Russia, hosted by International Centre for Culture and Management, Salzburg, Austria

103. Sasa Asentic, "City Stage", Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Riga

104. Svitlana Azarova, Ukrainian Composers Union, Odessa, Ukraine, hosted by Gaudeamus Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands

105. Karen Badalyan, VidEquipage, Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by Dance Centre Prague, Conservatoire (TCP), Czech Republic

106. Zeljko Blace, Multi Media Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, hosted by Galeria nod, Prague, Czech Republic

107. Tamara Bracic Bunker Productions, Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted by Relais Culture Europe, Paris; Le Parc de la Vilette, Paris; Festival d'Avignon, Paris/Avignon, France

108. Irakli Chkaidze, Modern Theatre Laboratory, Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by Theatrum Gedanense Foundation, Gdansk, Poland

109. Sarina Daiyrova, Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, hosted by Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague, Czech Republic

110. Dana Daugule, Saulkrasti Jazz Festival, Riga, Latvia, hosted by SKIF Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

111. Maciej Filipczuk, "Dance House", Poznan, Poland, hosted by Institute of Musicology of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

112. Lilit Galustyan, Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema /HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival, Armenia, hosted by Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania

113. Krista Grinbauma, Latvian Theatre Working Association, Riga, Latvia, hosted by International Puppet Festival, Dordrecht, Netherlands

114. Rositsa Gushterova Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by Felix Meritis/Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University, Amsterdam, Netherlands

115. Jugoslav Hadzic, DAH Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by Theatre Tsvete & Performing Artists Balkan Peace Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria

116. Irina Ionescu, Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest, Romania hosted by Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, Netherlands

117. Inesa Ivanova, Tromso International Theatre Festival, Baltic area, Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by Corona, S.r.o.: Zlin International Youth Film Festival, Zlin, Czech Republic

118. Karolina Jakaite, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts UNESCO Chair for Cultural Management and Cultural Policy, Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by Native Museum of the City of Rovinj, Croatia

119. Tinatin Kalatosishvili, Basement Theatre and Independent Actors Mastery Studio, Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival, Yerevan, Armenia

120. Miroslav Karic, Remont Independent Artistic Association, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, hosted by Burundi, datalab studio displej press, Bratislava, Slovakia

121. Anna Kharkina, Freelance Art Critic and Curator, St. Petersburg, Russia, hosted by Montevideo/Time based Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands

122. Daniela Koleva, Bratya Grancharovi Cultural House, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria, hosted by Festival de Fibres en Musique, Montjean sur Loire, France

123. Rasa Miskinyte Lithuanian Radio and Television, Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by National Film Centre of Riga, Latvia

124. Jurga Naraskeviciute, CREATOR ltd., Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by Film Company CTB Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russia

125. Erika Olea, add, Bucharest, Romania, hosted by Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Centre, Istanbul, Turkey

126. OS Klaster (Jakub Deml, Zuzanna Reznikova, Matej Kolar), Association for Arts and Education, Bechyne, Czech Republic, hosted by C.C. MEDIA ARTES, Ohrid, Macedonia

127. Andronia Popova, Project Manager of InterSpace Media Art Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by AKOPL LOKAL Organisation for Alternative and Experimental Music, Cadiz, Spain

128. Signe Pucena, RIXC, Centre for New Media, Riga, Latvia, hosted by mi2, Multi Media Institute, Zagreb, Croatia

129. Mirela Radulescu, National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest, Romania, hosted by KulturKontakt Austria, Austria

130. Alisa Sargsyan, Armenian Musical Assembly, hosted by Dublin Fringe Festival, Ireland

131. Basak Senova Muratoglu, NOMAD, Digital Culture, Istanbul, Turkey, hosted by Forum StadtPark, Graz, Austria

132. Alina Serban, ARHITEXT DESIGN Journal, Bucharest, Romania, hosted by Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia

133. Katalin Simon, Director Dorottya Galerie, Contemporary Art from Hungary, Budapest, Hungary, hosted by Kunsthalle Vienna, Austria

134. Ghenadie Sontu, President of ARS DOR, Chisinau, Moldova, hosted by Caucasus Foundation, Tbilisi, Georgia

135. Petya Stoykova, Dance BG, Bourgas, Bulgaria, hosted by Association for the Development of Modern Dance, Chisinau, Moldova

136. Cosmin Tapu, RoKolectiv, Festival of New Media, Romania, hosted by Rex Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

137. Jiri Weberschinke, Freelance Producer, Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria

138. Petra Zanki, EkS-scena' s Working Platform, Zagreb, Croatia, hosted by L'Antic Teater, Barcelona, Spain

139. Mariam Asatiani, Freelance Photographer/ Multi Media Artist, Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by Stichting B.a.d. Artist's Initiative, Rotterdam, Netherlands

140. Liana Avetysian, Assistant of the Artistic Leader at the Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by Salento International Film Festival, Italy

141. Catarina Centofante, Lavis (Trento), Italy, hosted by Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili Opera and Ballet State Academic Theatre, Georgia

142. Tamuna Chabishvili, Visual Artist, Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted by Geo Air Project, Tbilisi, Georgia

143. Eduard Hovhannisyan, HIGHFEST International Theatre Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by Golden Mask Festival, Moscow

144. Hasmik Hovhannisyan, Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by Copenhagen Documentary Festival, Denmark

145. Michael Koridze, Musician, Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by Mojo Concerts, Delft, Netherlands

146. Birgit Kuch, Theatre Researcher, Halle (Saale), Germany, hosted by Caucasus Foundation/ Shota Rustaveli State University for Theatre and Film, Tbilisi, Georgia

147. Ada Paukstyte, OKT/Vilnius City Theatre and Festival Sirenos, Lithuania, hosted by HIGHFEST International Theatre Festival, Yerevan, Armenia

148. Astra Ratkevica, Ceramic Artist, Riga, Latvia, hosted by The Association of Tbilisi's Iconographers, Georgia

149. Julie Rodeijns, Theatre Producer/ Researcher, Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted by Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan, Armenia

150. Elke Roelant, Photographer, Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted by Museum of Lore and Ethnogrphy of Tsageri, Georgia

151. Anna Sikharulidze, Musician, Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by Globe Promotions, Glossop, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

152. Evelina Taunyte, Visual Artist, Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted by National Gallery of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

153. Narek Tovmasyan, Bureau for Caucasus Cultural Programs in Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by The International Federation of Culture and Art of the Caucasus, Tbilisi, Georgia

154. Siobhan Wall, Visual artist/ Photographer, Writer, Teacher for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands, host: Open Society Institute Foundation, Arts and Culture Program, Baku, Azerbaijan

155. Marta Keil, Theatre of Reminiscences, Cracow Poland hosted by Contemporary Drama Festival, Budapest, Hungary

156. Gabriella Mora, A38 Budapest, Hungary hosted by Artistic Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw, Poland

157. Egle Oberskaite, Thomas Mann Festival, Nida Lithuania hosted by International Centre for Culture and Management, Salzburg, Vienna

158. Janka Kubandovska, Hummel Society, Bratislava Slovakia hosted by Iternationales Musik Zentrum, Vienna Austria

159. Andreja Kopac, MASKA Ljubljana, Slovenia hosted by Bitelf Festival Belgrade, Serbia

160. Maija Pavlova, Association Tarba, Riga Latvia hosted by Red House, Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia Bulgaria

161. Kristian Al-Droubi, Human Theatre Company, Novi Sad Serbia hosted by MASKA,

Ljubljana, Slovenia

162. Svitlana Azarova, free lance composer, Odessa Ukraine hosted by Czech Music Center, Prague Czech Republic and Klangspuren, Schwaz, Austria

163. Zvonomir Dobrovic, Queer Festival Zagreb, Croatia hosted by Bunker productions, Ljubljana Slovenia

164. Angela Harutyunyan, AICA Yerevan, Armenia hosted by SCCA Ljubljana, Slovenia

165. Yana Kostova, Art Today Association Sofia, Bulgaria hosted by Rotor Projects, Graz, Austria

166. Monica Zarna, Puppet Theatre, Arad, Romania hosted by Nitra Festival, Slovakia

167. Bohdan Sehin, Lviv Union of Composers, Ukraine hosted by Polish Composers Union, Cracow, Poland

168. Eremire Krasniqi, Stacion Center for Contemporary Art, Prishtina, Kosovo hosted by International Student Center, Kultura Prokjene, Zagreb, Croatia

169. Simona Nastac, Romanian Cultural Institute London hosted by National Centre for Contemporary Art St. Petersburg branch, Russia

170. Diana Andreeva, The Red House, Sofia Bulgaria hosted by Oesterreichische Kulturdokumentation, Vienna Austria

171. Marija Ancic, free lance cultural manager, Zrenjanin, Serbia hosted by Kulturkontakt Vienna Austria

172. Natasha Bakaeva, Dance Alliance Novosibrisk, Russia hosted by Impulstanz Vienna Austria

173. Dragana Alfirevic, Station, service for contemporary dance, Ljubljana, Slovenia hosted by FIFTITU%, Linz, Austria

174. Rael Artel, free lance curator, Pärumaa, Estonia hosted by Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland

175. Natasha Bodrodic, Vizura Aperta, Zagreb, Croatia hosted by Oberliht Association, Chisinau, Moldova

176. Vjera Borozan, Tranzit, Prague, Czech Republic hosted by SKC student centre, Belgrade, Serbia

177. Anna Chisoserdova, art gallery, Minsk, Belarus hosted by Lithuanian Art Galleries Association, Vilnius, Lithuania

178. Nora Dorogan, free lance producer Chisinau, Moldova hosted by Doris Stelzer dance company, Vienna, Austria

179. Martin Krištof, Stanica cultural centre, Zilina, Slovakia hosted by NCCA Kaliningrad branch, Russia

180. Mirka Lachka, Cultural Contact Point, Bratislava, Slovakia hosted by Caucasus Foundation, Tblisi, Georgia

181. Elina Margevica, LAIVA, improvisation theatre studio, Riga, Latvia hosted by Theatrical Reminiscences, Krakow, Poland

182. Jasmina Mazgalieva, Museum Strumica, Macedonia hosted by Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia

183. Katerina Mikulcova, free lance film director, Prague, Czech Republic hosted by Palestra Film, Tblisi, Georgia

184. Christian Nae, Vector Association, Iasi, Romania hosted by Salzburger Kunstverein, Austria

185. Dora Paisz, The Symptoms dance company, Budapest, Hungary hosted by Homo Novus Festival, Riga, Latvia

186. Jürgen Rendl, Urban Flow Association, Bratislava, Slovakia hosted by Kulturkontakt, Vienna, Austria

187. Grzegorz Reske, Teatr Centralny, Lublin, Poland hosted by Divadlo Continuo, Malovice, Czech Republic

188. Pavel Shishin, Omsk State Drama Fifth Theatre, Russia hosted by Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest, Hungary

189. Katarina Slukan, Bunker Productions, Ljubljana, Slovenia hosted by Trafo, Budapest, Hungary

190. Sari Stencer, free lance critic and art curator, Budapest, Hungary hosted by AICA, Yerevan, Armenia

191. Justas Tertelis, Theatre laboratory Open Circle, Vilnius, Lithuania hosted by Kretakör, Budapest, Hungary

192. Ivana Vaseva, free lance journalist and curator, Skopje, Macedonia hosted by Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia

193. Ana Ablamonova, Independent opera group Operomanija, Vilnius, Lithuania hosted by Wiener Kammer Oper Vienna, Austria

194. Zuzana Bodnarova, Å TOKOVEC, Banská Štiavnica, Slovak Republic hosted by Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland

195. Luca Kövécs, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest, Hungary hosted by Academy of Fine Arts/Digital Lab, Prague, Czech Republic

196. Olivia Mihaltianu, add - Business Change on Art, Bucharest, Romania hosted by Mücsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary

197. David Muzik, free lance photographer, Brno, Czech Republic hosted by Young Photographers United, Gent, Belgium

198. Natasha Poplavska, Art Media, Skopje, Macedonia hosted by The Karlbauers, Vienna, Austria

199. Marija Radoš, Association REMONT, Belgrade, Serbia hosted by Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic

200. Maja Rožman, Croatian Artists Association, Zagreb, Croatia hosted by SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

201. Yana Varbanova, The Fridge, space for conceptual art, Sofia, Bulgaria hosted by Trafo, House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest, Hungary


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